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It’s the same with these suicide girls calling me up. Most of them are so young.

Crying with their hair wet down in the rain at a public telephone,

My name is Cleo

I am myself, not anybody else

I don't think anyone can ever truly know another person, even if they tried, it's hard to truly know another person.

I take what other people say to heart, but sometimes I realize, I really don't give a fuck.

I don't like to lie, so I hardly ever do.

I don't really hate anyone.

I am usually nice to people, even if I don't know them

I can be quite vulgar and rude sometimes

I joke around a lot

I don't believe in drama, to me it's all bullshit unless I hear it from the person.

I don't really like to label people, I think it's kinda immature and meaningless. We are all human.

I really do care about people, even if I shouldn't.

I want to learn various languages

I sometimes drink.

I don't really know what to say about myself... so I guess I'll just write shit that comes to mind
just ask, languages, many things, music = drugs