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Burning Man

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Sep. 7th, 2012 | 04:13 pm

I miss it so much.

That was the most amazing and life changing week of my life.
I have never been happier. I feel like I was tested emotionally and physically. And I feel so so strong.
I understand why people call it home. I felt more at home there, than I have anywhere in the last few years. 
The people were amazing, community at its finest. I was given gifts, food, kisses, hugs, converstation, advice ect ect from strangers. I spoke with strangers as if they were my life long friends. I cruised around the esplanade at night, feeling like I was literally on another planet. I got caught in a dust storm (white out) and loved every minute of it. So beautiful. I cried when I saw the temple, and cried when I visited it again. I wrote something on the temple, that came to me as I was holding the pen. I felt so inspired, I loved myself and everyone around me. I cannot express with words what burning man is. It's far too beautiful, far too wonderful, far too life changing. The art is incredible. I saw my potential, and the potential of what people can be.
Black rock city will forever be my home. I am hoping that I can find that beauty in this default world. And carry it with me the rest of the year, until it is time to go home again. 
My car is still covered in playa. I don't even want to wash it.

I am going to psychdelic fridays tonight, hopefully that will be a good way to decompress and find more of the beauty that I know to exist. 

I'd also really like to have some fucking amazing sex right about now.

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